Website Jargon Buster

Having and managing your website can seem quite scary.   However, with a little knowledge, it is easy to manage the website yourself.  This way you can save yourself £££s.

Building your website

You can either build your own website or you can use a web designer.  

A web designer will work with you to create a website that meets your goals.   The total cost usually depends on the amount of time it takes to design your site, however there are other pricing structures.

Build-it-yourself sites, such as WIX, Squarespace allow you to make your own and usually come at a monthly cost for the life of your website.  These can be very expensive, especially if you want extra functionality such as an eCommerce shop.

What is a domain?

This is the address people use to go to your site, such as www.webdesignbyneil.co.uk.

Usually there is an annual charge, this can vary depending on the popularity of your site name, but you can easily pay this yourself by logging into the site where you purchased this from.   You can buy your domain from many providers, such as GoDaddy, 123Reg where the price will be clearly displayed along with the annual price.   Please get in touch if you need any advice.

What is your hosting?

If the domain is your home, the hosting is the land your home is placed on.   When someone goes to your website, they will see all the files/photos/text that make up your site, all this information is kept in your hosting.  Without hosting your website will not be visible to anyone.

This can be easily managed by you; simply pay for your hosting on an annual basis like your domain.  In some circumstances if you pay, for example for the entire four years at once, you can save hundreds of £££s.  Try Hostinger to see some examples of hosting prices.   There are many others such as 123Reg or GoDaddy, simply do a google search and do a price comparison. If you need any help, please get in touch.

What is a security certificate?

Ensuring you have a shield displayed on your site is very important, and this shows that your site is secure.   This is called the SSL certificate and can be easily purchased when you buy your hosting.  Sometimes you pay for the entire life of your website, or you pay annually.   Again, this can be easily managed by you.

How can WDBN help?

I can build you a website based on your career aims.  This can be an ecommerce shop, blog, or a general website and install this on your hosting. I will walk you through all the information detailed in this document and train you up on how to use, update and manage your site.    I will discuss your needs in detail and send you a quote for creating your website,  and you will manage everything else (domain, hosting, security), which over time will save you £££s.   

Example websites

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